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Who's behind it all?

Andy Coley

"With over a decade working in the golf industry in Spain and Ireland, I have seen the fine young kids the game of golf produces. So, why not?"

Welcome to Golf Kidz. It’s a brand new golf business and concept introducing children to golf.

"My aim is to show how much fun golf can be for children who have either just taken up the sport or indeed have yet to hold a golf club. Our characters can be seen in our activity books, t-shirts and polo shirts as well as sets of golf balls. Each one has their own individual character and personality. Each one helping young golfers as our business develops."

"I hope you enjoy our little golf adventure and we are able to convert many small children into budding golf kidz. Remember every time you buy a t-shirt or polo shirt you receive a free Golf Kidz certificate with your name on."

"Travelling back from Lanzarote at the end of our summer holiday. My daughter, Sinead, asked me to draw some golf characters. I did this, badly, as my drawing skills are very limited. This is when Billy the Buggy, Bobby Ball, Gary Golf Bag, Peggy the Putter and Missy Tee were born."

We are a new Business with a single aim to both get more Kids playing the game and also increasing awareness of all the things a child can learn through the game whilst also enjoying spending time with their peers in a safe environment!

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